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Never worry about clogged drains, backed-up pipes, or slow-flushing toilets again! In and Out Plumbing is a full-service plumbing repair company that caters to home and business clients in and around Ontario, CA. What sets us a cut above other residential plumbing repair service companies is our commitment to quality. Whether it’s for a minor slab leak repair or a complete plumbing overhaul, we will always go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met! To get in touch with our handyman repair services team, clients can call (909) 938-0332.

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Signs You Need Plumbing Repair Service

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Watch out for these signs that say you need plumbing repair services:

  • Sweating Water Heater: The appearance of droplets outside your water heater is often caused by small leaks. These might seem harmless, but if you ignore them for too long, they can lead to bigger, more expensive issues. Call for plumbing repair services before the damage worsens.
  • No Running Water: The most obvious sign that you need plumbing repair service is if there’s no water coming out of the faucets and shower heads in your home or business. Call for a pro so they can check for blockages, leaks, and other possible issues.

Water heaters are just one of the plumbing fixtures in your home that can fail over time. Another common issue in older homes is a slab leak—a break in a pipe that runs beneath the foundation of your home. Wet spots on the floor, higher water bills, and weak water pressure are all slab leak warning signs. But before you call commercial your plumbing repair company for help, it’s best to understand what actually causes these leaks. Some possible culprits are:

  • Foundation Damages: Soil erosion, earthquakes, and powerful underground water streams can all damage your underground pipeline. If the damage was caused by something powerful like an earthquake, it could escalate quickly and even cause a small flood in your home.
  • Old Age: Most slab leak repair cases are caused by something inevitable: time. Perhaps the only thing you can do to protect your pipeline against damage caused by time is to perform frequent checkups. Also, you can prevent the damages from worsening if you call for a plumbing repair company the moment you notice something’s wrong.
  • Poor Construction: If the pipes weren’t properly installed in the first place, then it’d be no surprise if they leaked after just a few years. So only work with experienced companies who can provide effective, durable solutions.

Need a hot water heater repair? Then seek help from In and Out Plumbing now! Our team will be there as soon as possible to address the issue. Dial (909) 938-0332 now for more information.

Why Call for Professional Handyman Repair Services?

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Are handyman repair services worth it? DIY methods might seem intriguing, but they’re not really the most economical option. Some advantages of hiring a plumbing repair company are:

  • Less Hassle: Spending long hours working on wet, dirty pipes probably isn’t your idea of a good time. Rather than enduring this backbreaking task by yourself, hire a specialist!
  • Expert Results: No matter how many handyman repair service videos you watch on YouTube, you won’t be able to match the skill of a tenured repairman.
  • Lower Cost: Considering all the costly tools and equipment you’ll need, working with a plumbing repair company is actually more cost-efficient than doing the task yourself. 

Whether you need a garbage disposal repair man or plumbing sewer repair, choose In and Out Plumbing! Our services are available seven days a week to clients from and around Ontario, CA.


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3/18/2019 - HomeAdvisor

Very responsive, fair price and good work.

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11/16/2018 - HomeAdvisor

He did a great job handling a big project at a multi-family property.

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10/31/2018 - HomeAdvisor

Tim was able to help us within a few hours of getting my request. It turned out that my Kenmore... read more

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